The Great Ocean Road

The beaches of the Great Ocean Road are spectacular. Yep, every single one. If you've only got time to hit one sandy shore though, Lorne is your best pick with Anglesea, Wye River, Apollo Bay, and Fairhaven all very close equal seconds.
Grab a ‘Cold Shower’ Breakfast Burger and one of their house-made berry milkshakes.
Hopetoun Falls - mind your step!
Lighthouses once served as a vital beacon of safe passage for sailors navigating the coastline. Now redundant thanks to modern technology, they stand now as beautiful relics of Australian maritime history. 
There are lookouts scattered all along the Great Ocean Road with awesome views of rugged coastlines and rolling hills. For an even more impressive spot to take in the scenery, head up to Teddy's Lookout for a birds-eye view of the coast where the St George River empties into the ocean. 
The classic Great Ocean Road experience: the 12 Apostles
Hot tip: despite setting in the other direction, the sunsets here are on point!
Head back to Melbourne after sunset and stop off at one of the lookouts after dark to try your hand at some astrophotography.