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Designed for Winnerwell Stoves

Save $330 with our special tent and stove bundle, which has everything you need to create a safe ‘hot-tent’ set-up.

This is the only tent available in Australia that is designed to work exclusively with Winnerwell stoves and accessories.

Why Hot-Tent?

Using a wood-burning stove within your tent setup is a game-changer, creating a cosy vibe for camping all year round. Hot-tenting is a way to camp that combines the warmth and comfort of a heated shelter with the adventure of being out in the wilderness. Unlike traditional winter camping, where you often find yourself huddling in a freezing tent, hot-tenting involves setting up a canvas tent with a wood-burning stove inside, allowing you to stay warm and cosy even in the coldest temperatures.

Winnerwell Nomas PLUS Double View External Air Wood Burning Stove – Large

In our commitment to provide you with the best experience in hot tenting and camping with woodfire stoves, we are proud to present the Winnerwell Nomad PLUS Double View External Air L-sized Wood Burning Tent Stove. 

The Nomad External Air Wood Burning Tent Stove offers a new level of heating efficiency for portable wood stoves. Its unique patent-pending design features an External Air draw, which allows the stove to operate independently from the air inside the tent. This eliminates cold drafts, preserves the hot air generated by the stove, and enhances safety by preventing the stove from using the same air as the occupants in the shelter. 

When paired with the Classic Bell Tent – the ONLY Bell Tent in Australia made of inherently flame-resistant canvas – this stove offers a safe and enjoyable hot tenting experience.

Further reading:

  • Please check out our blog post here and further reading here regarding advice on hot-tenting.
  • If you have any questions, ask us and we will do our best to assist – email [email protected]

If you plan to ‘hot tent’ i.e. use a wood fire stove within your tent, then please take some time to research the risks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Ros McG (Brisbane, AU)
Absolutely recommend

We have just received ours and so pleased with our choice. Very well designed and made, and is the perfect fire for our caravan site.

Hi Ros, awesome glad you are happy with the stove :)

Wayne Carstens (Sydney, AU)
Adventure ready

Have completed a preliminary setup and it is obvious of considerable planning and development of a high quality product. I had to replace the side pegs with longer ones to assist with tensioning under strong wind load conditions. The inclusion of D loops, guy ropes and pegs for anchoring to the chimney/spark arrestor points would be nice. Construction is robust and I am confident it it will stand up to the elements squarely.

Hi Wayne, thank you for the thorough review - we will look at providing extra pegs and guys ropes with the kit as per your suggestion. Best HC.

Great for wintr camping getaways.

Come autumn and winter it will get used out the back at home and especially during winter camping getaways.

Patrick Bender (Melbourne, AU)
Best wood stove

Used in stealth camping, no smoke . Used for cooking and backing with oven.
I'm a professional Chef and I can cook whatever I want on this beauty

Nathanael Coyne
It just works so well.

It just works so well and I got all the accessories the smoker the oven and secondary combustion it gives me a lot of options for warmth and cooking.

Jason Selmes (Sydney, AU)
Great Stove

This thing is awesome! Waiting on my tent so I can use it winter camping!! Can't wait

Nathanael C. (Canberra, AU)
Excellent stove

I initially was going to get the M-size windowless version but glad I got the double window L-size I'm really happy with it, lots of room inside to get a good hot fire going that has enough mass to keep coals warm for hours, the chimney keeps the smoke away, and the windows aren't hard to keep clean at all. Very happy with it.

Erich Angelo Sotomayor (Melbourne, AU)

I'm very impressed with this little stove. I light a fire with very dry wood (Eucalyptus) and it lasted for around 2+ hours in our vintage caravan.

Adam (Melbourne, AU)

Awesome piece of kit. Gives off more than enough heat for a few people along as it is not too windy.

Managed to get 2 skillets on the top to easily cook a meal for 2.

Would recommend

D. (Canberra, AU)
Outstanding Design and Quality

The best camping stove I have come across. Beautifully designed and built. Great for heating, cooking or just watching! The pipe oven and water heater attachments are also terrific. And great service from Homecamp.

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