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Introducing our Classic Bell Tent – a stunning and exceptionally durable shelter that makes camping easy. With its distinctive silhouette, our flagship tent has been meticulously designed over the last 7 years to deliver unparalleled space with minimal effort, unmatched durability, and refined aesthetics. Whether you’re an adventurer or a nature lover, our iconic tent is the perfect home away from home.

Sleeping up to 8 adults comfortably, the Classic range of tents are made specifically for campers who demand rigour from their equipment, extra accommodation on a property or commercial accommodation businesses. 

Not all canvas is created equal

Our Classic Bell Tents are true four-season tents, whether you’re camping in the snow or desert conditions or need semi-permanent accommodation, the Classic Bell gets the job done and will last the distance. 

Engineered for the Elements, our Classic Bell Tent is crafted to our exact specifications, utilising ultra-durable 380 GSM canvas. The fabric undergoes a meticulous process of custom dyeing and weather sealing with a unique formula. After cutting and sewing sections of the tent, we reinforce critical tension points and double-stitch seams, guaranteeing exceptional durability.

Our heavy-duty canvas packs a punch with high tensile strength and an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, allowing us to create canvas at lighter weights that outperform 100% cotton at similar weights. Perfect for enduring stormy weather, this canvas excels in high-tension situations, making it an ideal choice for campers or businesses with prolonged tent setups.

Our woven canvas breathes, keeping moisture at bay and preventing the condensation headaches common in synthetic tents.

Keep the bugs out and the air flowing

Each of the five windows, doors and vents is backed with a second mosquito-proof mesh layer that has its own zip system. 

The Classic has gone one step further and also has a double-wall mesh layer, so that you can roll up the outer canvas wall and expose a second wall made entirely from mosquito netting. The secondary mesh wall acts as a barrier between you and insects (and other wildlife!), so you can enjoy the view and cross breeze. We use extra strong netting that won’t end up ripping (a common problem with other tents).

The Classic features a zip-in/ zip-out groundsheet which is handy for cleaning and air ventilation.

‘Hot tent’ ready

Homecamp pioneered ‘Hot Tenting’ in Australia and we are the only tent company that has taken the time to create a tent that is correctly (and safely) set up for this type of camping.

The Classic Bell Tents are made from flame-resistant eco-friendly fabrics supported by OEKO-TEX® 100 label and EU Ecolabel and come with a built-in chimney flap for use with a wood-burning stove inside. 

If you plan on using a woodfire stove then we recommend getting at least a size up from your initial requirements, the extra space will be utilised to accommodate the stove with enough room to move about safely. 

Keeping you dry in all conditions

Our groundsheets seamlessly connect to the tent via a robust zipper system and are constructed from thick, thermally welded, rip-stop PVC which is impervious to water.

The ‘bathtub style’ floor rises over 10 cm high, ensuring dryness even in flooded environments. The heavy-duty zippers enable you to unzip the floor, allowing you to roll up the canvas walls for optimal ventilation or remove the groundsheet entirely for transport, storage, cleaning, or the pleasure of feeling the grass or sand beneath your feet.

Heavy-duty hardware

Strength starts from within and our poles are made from heavy-duty steel and have internal spring-loaded wires that guide the pole sections together, ensuring an effortless assembly process. Additionally, the centre pole is equipped with a welded lanyard ring, providing a versatile attachment point for hanging an inner tent or even a chandelier. 

Details matter

There are two large storage pockets (one on each side of the tent interior), each with three separate compartments for easy access to valuables, torches and other bits that need to be on hand.

There is a nifty zip entry access point at the back of the tent to accommodate electrical cords thus ensuring that you can bring power into the tent without compromising protection from rain and bugs.

The tent carry bag is intentionally oversized for easy packing. Nevertheless, equipped with robust webbing and buckles, the compression straps efficiently reduce the tent’s size when packed. With convenient grab handles, you can secure the tent to your roof rack, and it effortlessly fits into almost any car boot.

We use the best available heavy-duty mosquito netting, reflective paracord guy ropes, custom brass zips, extra-large stainless steel pegs and hardcore twisted steel pegs to give you the confidence to trust our gear in wild places. 

Homecamp’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty can help you sleep even better. 

Accessorize your tent

  • The Homecamp Awning attaches to the front of our bell tent and provides additional shade and weather protection over the doorway.
  • For extra protection beneath your tent add a Footprint Tarp – the other advantage is that you don’t need to clean the bottom of your tent as you pack away.
  • Our Hot Tent Bundles have everything you need to stay toasty warm in the winter months.

A note on materials

When choosing a tent, there are various factors to weigh. While size and weight are important, the choice of materials is equally essential. Understanding the differences between cotton-based canvas and synthetic materials is key. The trade-offs encompass weight, strength, maintenance (i.e. propensity for mould, sun damage etc), and breathability (condensation).
For further insights, refer to our article on this topic.

Further Reading


Soft goods

  • 380G/SM Cotton/Poly Canvas (80% cottton / 20% Poly)
  • Canvas is custom dyed and coated to be mould, UV, weather, and fire-resistant
  • Heavy-duty mosquito netting throughout (door, windows, vents, walls)
  • 520 GSM zip-out groundsheet floor
  • Double-stitched seams and reinforced tension points
  • Built-in chimney flap for use with a wood-burning stove
  • Custom reflective 750 paracord guy ropes
  • Oversized storage bag


  • Heavy-duty anodized steel pole set (aluminium pole set available as an upgrade)
  • Custom brass zips on all windows and doors
  • Custom Signal Orange hardened plastic buckles and toggles
  • Extra large stainless steel ground pegs
  • Extra large twisted stainless steel guy rope pegs
  • Metal guy adjusters


  • Double doors for easy entry
  • Double walls – canvas rolls up to reveal heavy-duty mosquito netting
  • Two extra large 3-section pockets
  • Rear zip pocket for power cord access
  • 5 zippered windows
  • Built-in chimney flap for hot-tenting (use with Woodfire stove)

Additional info

Classic 5m

Classic 4.5m

Classic 4m:


  • 385GSM Cotton/Poly Canvas
  • PVC Floor
  • Steel poles
  • Polyester webbing
  • Hardened plastic buckles and toggles
  • Extra strong twisted stainless steel pegs
  • Stainless steel D-rings
  • Reflective nylon paracord guy ropes


Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Jayd Wieland (Melbourne, AU)
Homecamp Bell tents are amazing!

I run an outdoor company (Wieland Adventures) and am also involved with training people to be outdoor guides- we use Homecamp bell tents in a range of situations, from horse riding journeys, whitewater paddling trips, rock climbing activities and basecamps supporting a variety of other groups. To me they are not 'glamping' tents but practical workhorse tents which provide the room to live comfortably for extended periods away from home. They are surprisingly quick and easy to set up on with one person on their own. They handle wind very well. The canvas, floor material, insect mesh and workmanship are excellent. In cold weather, the addition of a wood fireplace means a cosy retreat and the ability to dry wet clothes. In hot weather, the ability to roll up the lower canvas wall enables good ventilation, while the mesh stops insects. Being able to zip the floor right off is great for packing up a wet tent- a sandy floor is not packed up with the canvas and can be brushed / hosed off later. I personally have a 4.5m Homecamp Bell tent which has seen a LOT of days in the field- no mould and as good as new.

Poppy Smith (Melbourne, AU)

My Homecamp tent is my home and I love it!

Thank you for your kind words! Happy camping!

A.S. (Melbourne, AU)
Good quality Australian brand

Great tent, great well thought through features and good quality.

Bryce tremethick (Melbourne, AU)
Small Austrlian outdoor brand with amazing quality and great prices

Perfect for those who enjoy a little more luxury when adventuring. The quality and price are simply hard to beat.

M.R. (Melbourne, AU)
Great outdoor brand, quality products with an amazing design

It's great, the quality of materials used and estetics of them are best I have seen.

Phillip Robin (Melbourne, AU)
Classic outdoor gear with style and practicality

Great tent, great quality, great fun.

Rob. E (Melbourne, AU)

This is the perfect tent for a longer camping stay, set up a wood-burning stove inside and you've got the perfect home away from home.

Phoebe Lausberg
Great product, exceptional customer service

The touring bell tent exceeded my expectations, looks beautiful and bags, pegs and of course the tent itself good quality. We had really high winds on the first use and the tent handled it no problem at all.

Amazing! thanks for the review Phoebe ! glad the tent is working out for you.

Michael (Perth, AU)
4.5m Bell tent

Great quality and wonderfully spacious.

Lizzie (Sydney, AU)

Excellent quality!

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