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Introducing the convenient 6-piece Lunch/Mess Kit, designed to be versatile, functional, and perfect for meals on the move. This kit offers a smart solution for food storage with its secure snap-lock lids, ideal for travel, which double as plates and bowls when unpacked. Additionally, it includes the innovative all-in-one Spork, serving as a spoon, fork, and knife, a clever space-saving solution that eliminates the need for extra utensils.

When it’s time to hit the road, the kit effortlessly stacks up and packs away, held together neatly by the Lunch Kit harness, making it incredibly user-friendly. Crafted from 100% BPA-free, biobased plastic, this lunch set is both microwave and dishwasher-safe, ensuring convenience and ease of use. With the LunchKit, lunchtime is served with style and efficiency!

About the ECOZEN material:

Ecozen is an advanced biomass-derived transparent copolyester renowned for its exceptional heat resistance. This BPA-free material is perfect for a wide range of food containers and utensil applications. Derived from non-GMO corn starch sourced from European origins, Ecozen is a sustainable choice for your eco-friendly needs. Biodegradable plastics offer a distinctive edge compared to conventional petroleum-based plastics. These plastics are crafted entirely or partially from plant-based or other organic materials.


  • Functionality in a Compact Package: Discover the ideal balance of functionality and compactness with our 6-piece camp mess kit, perfect for car camping and picnics. Unpack the food storage containers to reveal versatile plates and bowls, providing all you need for meals on the move.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Our reusable camping plates and utensils are crafted from 100% BPA-free biobased plastic sourced from plants, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil-based and single-use plastics. This non-stick biobased plastic material is dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance.
  • Secure Food Storage: The kit includes small containers with tight-fitting snap-lock lids, guaranteeing secure and protected food storage. Equipped with measuring lines and a compact design, these containers make packing and portioning a breeze. The kit’s highlight is the Spork – a multi-functional utensil combining a spoon, fork, knife, and serrated edge.
  • Lightweight and Packable: Designed for one, our camping mess kit is lightweight, and its components nestle together seamlessly when packing. The kit remains secure thanks to a harness that keeps everything in place.
  • Versatile Multi-Purpose Kit: The LunchKit proves its versatility as a camping mess kit, a salad lunch box, a snack container for your furry friend, or even as a packed lunchbox for work. With the Spork and snap-lock containers included, you’ll always have a complete meal solution on the go.

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