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The Agdor Norwegian Felling Axe is a Traditional Scandinavian model in the *Agdor Axe range. The head is Hand Forged from special Swedish carbon steel using time tested methods the Hults Bruk forge has been using since 1697. The Axe features a 650mm Swedish made American Hickory handle providing a perfect combination of beautiful balance & strength. Having the Traditional Scandinavian style head with the finger notch allows this axe to be choked for fine work, used like a hatchet when held higher on the handle or a full 2 handed swing when more power is required.

Having a lightweight head provides an extremely fast head speed when striking. This gives a more efficient cut when using on light springy wood as the fine head bites deeper rather than pushing the branch. It is favourite of Campers, Caravaners and people in the bush as it is an extremely efficient axe that is lightweight and easy to carry behind the ute seat in the caravan or attached to a hiking bag. It is suitable for camping, cutting Kindling, Shelter building, light/medium clearing tasks and much more. 

*Supplied with a Raw edge which requires final shaping and honing. We recommend a Hultafors Grinding Stone to get the job done properly.


  • The Axe features a bead blasted finish with a clear lacquer for added protection.
  • The steel is stuck around 70 times under a power hammer, this refines the grain structure of the steel increasing the durability and edge retention of the Hatchet.
  • The cutting edge is hardened and tempered enabling it to hold a very sharp edge even after many sharpening’s.
  • The American Hickory handle is treated in a 200deg Celsius bath of linseed oil to improve flexibility & provide protection from the elements.
  • Sheath not included

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0.85 kg

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