Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Mum


Got a strong and adventurous Mum in your life, one in which the Hallmark card and flowers just won’t cut it? Lucky you. Here’s some quality gift ideas for that nature loving woman  – the one who’s up first to catch sunrise, who’s always planning the next getaway, the one who isn’t afraid to give it a go. We celebrate you!

For the Camper Mum

She’s booked that camp spot well in advance to ensure the best view of the ocean. She appreciates a wine at sunset, and nothing is better than waking up to a perfectly brewed coffee.

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For the Hiker Mum

She’s conquered many paths in her lifetime, with many more to go. She’s strong and determined, knows her north from her south and makes a mean trail mix.

For the Gardening Mum

Her plants are part of the family. Her meals include fruit and veggies from the garden, she’s proud as punch of that recent batch of tomatoes. If she’s not bare-foot, she’s in a pair of Blunnies. 

For the Handy Mum

No problem is too big or small. If she can’t fix it herself, she’ll YouTube it until she can. She’s a firemaking extraordinaire – and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

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