The Real McCoy


When it comes to forging axes and tools the traditional way, legendary Austrian maker, Müller is the real McCoy.


Müller is a family owned operation based the small riverside town of Zellach in Austria, about 180 km south-west of Vienna in the mountainous Carinthia region. Dating back to the 1600’s, Müller earn the right to call themselves an authentic heritage company.


Brothers Seppi and Wolfgangt Müller – the 13th generation of this passionate blacksmith family – are currently at the helm, and have a well deserved reputation for crafting highly functional tools with zero compromise to quality and workmanship. 


Their wooden axes are still made using traditional methods for forging and shaping steel, hand grinding under water stone and finally the hardening and polishing process.  

Forging and shaping the axe heads

With Müller, sustainability is not just a slogan with some abstract outcome, its intrinsic to their modus operandi, they make products using only local materials – the best Austrian steel,  locally sourced mountain ash for the handles and premium leather for the blade sheaths.


The Müller factory is even powered by its own hydroelectric power station so they have a continuous supply of environmentally friendly electricity from a renewable source. They even have a fish ladder that allows fish to move up and downstream freely! If you’re looking for the finest quality axe that has generations of knowledge behind it, look not further than Müller.

The Muller factory is powered by the river
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