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Discover the Wayland: TJB’s Contemporary Take on the Timeless Barlow Pattern

Unveiling the Wayland, TJB’s homage to the iconic Barlow design – a classic folding knife pattern reimagined for the modern era. Rooted in a history dating back over three centuries to its origins in England, the Barlow pattern swiftly captured the hearts of Americans from all walks of life. Defined by its distinctive long bolsters, teardrop-shaped handle, and versatile sheep foot blade, the Barlow emerged as the quintessential everyday carry (EDC) tool.

Presidents Washington and Lincoln cherished their Barlow knives as indispensable companions and even Mark Twain immortalized this timeless blade in two of his literary masterpieces. The Barlow’s legacy as a knife for the people endures, and now, TJB proudly presents the Wayland as our contemporary interpretation, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Elevate your EDC experience with the Wayland – a knife inspired by history, designed for today.

This knife would make an excellent unique and stylish gift.


  • Contemporary Barlow Design: TJB’s modern interpretation of the classic Barlow pattern.
  • Timeless Legacy: Rooted in a history dating back over three centuries, with origins in England.
  • Versatile EDC Tool: Distinctive long bolsters, teardrop-shaped handle, and sheepsfoot blade for practical everyday use.
  • Presidential and Literary Endorsement: Presidents Washington and Lincoln considered it an indispensable tool.
  • Mark Twain mentioned the Barlow in two of his iconic works.
  • Wayland Release: TJB proudly introduces the Wayland as a contemporary expression of the beloved Barlow.
  • A blend of Tradition and Innovation: Seamlessly combines historical charm with modern design.
  • Classic Silhouette: Reflects the timeless and enduring shape of the traditional Barlow knife.
  • Elevated EDC Experience: A knife inspired by history and thoughtfully designed for today’s needs.
  • Blade Action: Great “Walk and Talk” knife featuring an affirmative close and solid half-stop.

Additional info

Materials: Blade Steel:

  • CPM-S35VN Stainless Steel
  • Washers: Phosphor Bronze

Opening Style:

  • Non-Locking Slip Joint

Blade Length:

  • 3.0″ / 7.6 cm

Overall Length:

6.9″ / 17.5 cm


  • 2.8 oz / 78.4 grams


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