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A Glimpse into History

It’s no secret that we have a certain interest in and respect for old-school designs, and manufacturing techniques. For the most part, utility and quality were first and foremost in previous times, something that here at Homecamp we try to emulate as best we can.

Undoubtedly the 19th century was a historic peak for invention and innovation and numerous products have been revived from this era, however, it was quite a surprise when Winnerwell gave us an exclusive sneak peek of their Limited Edition Iron Stove.

These iron stoves were primarily designed to heat irons for smoothing clothing, harkening back to a time before the widespread use of electricity, reflecting an era when innovative solutions were crafted to meet everyday needs. This historical perspective offers a glimpse into how people adapted and devised tools to simplify their lives before the convenience of modern technology.

Modern Revival by Winnerwell

Winnerwell drew inspiration from this classic design and cleverly transformed it into a highly adaptable camping or emergency stove crafted from durable cast iron. 

Meticulously engineered, this stove has an enduring build featuring an ultra-sturdy cast iron fuel tank and a stainless steel burner with a chunky brass valve knob and gasket. The stove is equipped with a charming reinforced Mica glass viewing window and a grill top that can easily support a cast iron pan* or the Winnerwell-made, Cast Iron Grill* accessory (available separately) – perfect for direct cooking. Once heated, the stove emanates plenty of warmth and light, creating a delightfully cozy camping atmosphere.

This stove is not just a product, but an investment, making it an excellent choice as a gift.

Craftsmanship & Utility

The stove operates on kerosene (preferably low odour), a readily available and cost-effective fuel source. With its 600ml fuel tank, it can provide 5-6 hours of operation, and kerosene can be purchased in bulk for as little as 50 cents per litre, making this stove a highly economical choice.

Who might like this? Well, history buffs and vintage/antique collectors, of course. But beyond this, it’s a super practical, reliable and efficient stove, with a simple design and well-made build. It’s not just for collectors, we believe it has a much broader appeal – a device so practical and well-made, that won’t let you down in an emergency and creates a nice vibe at camp.

We have a test model coming soon which we will photograph and video in action.

The ‘Iron Stove’ would make an impressive and original gift. They are coming in limited numbers so it’s best to pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

Must have accessories

*NOTE: Images including The Cast Iron Grill and the Barebones Cast Iron Skillet are sold seperately and only used for illustrative purposes.


  • Historical Charm: The Winnerwell Iron Stove revives a classic 19th-century design, adding a touch of nostalgia to your camping experience.
  • Multi-Purpose: This versatile camping stove is suitable for grilling, frying, and boiling, adapting to various cooking needs.
  • Robust Construction: Built to last, it boasts a solid cast iron fuel tank and a stainless steel burner for durability with brass valve knob, gasket, rods and filler cap.
  • Mica Glass Window: The reinforced Mica glass viewing window enhances the visual appeal and lets you monitor the flame.
  • Brass Valve Knob: The stove features a brass valve knob for easy and precise flame control.
  • Efficient Heating: It provides sufficient heat and light, creating a cozy camping ambience.
  • Cost-Effective Fuel: Running on kerosene, a readily available and economical fuel source, it’s budget-friendly for extended use.
  • Time-Honoured Tradition: Combining heritage and innovation, it embodies the beauty of old-school craftsmanship meeting modern utility.

Additional info


  • Approx. 2.4kg / 5.3lbs


  • Size: L×W×H=200mm×135mm×255mm / 7.9in×5.3in×10in

Tank Capacity:

  • 600ml with a burning time of approx. 5/6 hour
  • Fuel: Paraffin Oil or Kerosene (we recommend low odour)


  • Cast IRON fuel tank
  • Cast IRON grill
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel Burner
  • Brass rods and filler cap and gasket/valve knob
  • Mica windows

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
@xploraus (Sydney, AU)
Not cheap, but it’s worth it.

This little camp stove is great. They’re quite expensive but I think it’s well worth it. It’s well built with quality materials, easy to use and adds a great ambience to your camping. I use it instead of starting a camp fire, I can put it on my table under my awning so can sit by it for warmth. It’s great to cook on, too. Quick and easy to light again in the morning to boil water for coffee.

Elliot Haines (Brisbane, AU)

Amazing little gadget! Can't wait to get out and have a crack with it, I already got it packed with my overnight gear :)

Hi Eliot, yes is a very tidy unit - let us know what you think once you crank it up :)

The Midweek Escape Artist (Adelaide, AU)
The best cooking experience I've ever had

Here is a bit of nostalgia for you! This is the Iron Stove from Winnerwell. A thoughtfully reproduced stove from yesterday. Here is the boxing and review with a light Tapas Lunch and a rare appearance from my daughter. Check it out here: YouTube video placeholder

Hi there, Glad you are happy with the product. That's a great video and review! Let us know how we can link to it from socials.

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