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We have updated the Homecamp Firepit and Grill and it’s now made entirely from stainless steel and comes with an extra set of supporting legs that can be attached to the grill grate, so it can be used as a standalone grill over an open fire.

The Firepit and Grill is available in two sizes: Xtra Large (45cm x 45cm x 45cm set up) or Large (40cm x 40cm x 40cm set up). Check out our ultra-rugged canvas bags made especially for this product.

Enjoy the unparalleled taste of open-fire cooking with minimal fuss and no environmental impact! 

This style of firepit and grill design is popular in Japan and Taiwan, where in-the-know campers have enjoyed the benefits of hassle-free, ‘leave-no-trace’ cooking for years. Simply stack some firewood in the firepit and let it burn down to coals, or use natural burn charcoal briquettes for a quicker meal. You will achieve barbecue greatness in no time!

The Homecamp Firepit & Grill is made entirely from stainless steel for longevity, cleanliness and strength. The kit packs flat and is neatly stowed away in the included bag. Because of its ingenious yet simple design, it can be set up and ready for you to start a fire in seconds. 

What we like most about this design is the versatility… 

  • Camp Firepit mode (3 seconds set up): Simply unfold the stainless steel fire pit, add some fuel, light and kick back to enjoy the heat and fireside ambience of an open fire but with more control and less mess. 
  • Camp Cooking Mode (20 seconds set up): add the stainless base for stability and the adjustable grill top and you have a complete cooking solution for your favourite campfire tucker. 
  • Camp Fire Mode (5 seconds set up): Attach supporting legs to the grill top and cook over the hot coals of an open fire. 

The Homecamp Firepit and Grill is the ultimate in portability and versatility – perfect for controlled cooking out in nature and especially useful for camping where open fires are not permitted.


  • Made entirely from high-grade stainless steel (201 on base and firepit, 304 on grill)
  • Solid construction and welding
  • Comes with a polyester canvas bag
  • Versatile design: Firepit, Grill or for use cooking on an open fire
  • Easy to assemble – packs flat into the bag and takes seconds to set up
  • Stainless steel base for extra stability and durability
  • Adjustable grill height for controlled cooking 
  • Includes cast iron trivet to capture coals and retain more heat
  • The set comes with extra legs that attach to the grill top for standalone use 
  • Air vented to create hot fire in no time
  • Easy to clean

Additional info


  • 12kg boxed
  • 10kg net


  • 50cm x 50cm x 8cm packed
  • 45cm x 45cm x 45cm set up

The Set includes:

  • Single piece foldaway fireplace
  • Grill set
  • Base
  • Trivet
  • Extra legs for open fire grill set up
  • Nylon carry bag


  • 1-year manufacturing

Note: There may be slight imperfections in the stainless steel due to the manufacturing process.

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