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Make a fire anywhere in any condition with the Light My Fire Army FireSteel. The formidable sibling of the FireSteel Scout, delivering an impressive 12,000 strikes, each sizzling at a scorching 3,000 degrees. This level of intense heat means you can confidently ignite fires at any altitude, under any weather conditions. Crafted from robust magnesium alloy, this tool is built to endure, designed with its purpose in mind.

Precision sparks converge to ignite any fuel with precision, making it your go-to when the need for fire arises. Practicality meets compact strength, forming an essential cornerstone of any kit. With its ergonomic design and a built-in whistle, we’ve left no stone unturned in ensuring you have nothing but the best at your fingertips.

Originally designed for the Swedish Department of Defense, the iconic Swedish FireSteel fire starter stands as the pioneer in magnesium alloy fire starting. It was the first practical solution to the formidable challenges of igniting fires in high-altitude and frigid conditions. Its unique capability to directly ignite flammable gas or liquid makes it an ideal match for both traditional alcohol and modern gas stoves, earning it a place in the gear of numerous military units worldwide.

Crafted with precision in Sweden by Light My Fire, this fire starter has continuously evolved, incorporating design enhancements such as a precision stainless steel striker, an ergonomic handle, and a built-in emergency whistle, ensuring it remains a reliable and indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  1. Gather small sticks, bark, and other fine kindling, opting for smaller pieces for easier ignition.
  2. Arrange the gathered materials into a compact pile.
  3. Retrieve your Swedish FireSteel or Swedish FireKnife, featuring a built-in FireSteel for convenience.
  4. Utilise paper, bark, or ideally, employ your Tindersticks or Tinder-on-a-rope, sourced from sustainably farmed Honduran pine. Scrape some shavings and distribute them amidst the kindling. These Tindersticks, with 80% resin content, serve as optimal ignition fuel, burning intensely hot and slow. They also exhibit impressive resilience against moisture and water.
  5. Build the fire gradually, beginning with small sticks and progressively increasing the size. Ensure sufficient oxygen supply for the fire to flourish, and take care to follow safety precautions throughout the process.



  • Works in any inclement weather: wet, cold, windy
  • Up to 12 000 strikes
  • Ultra-durable design
  • Built-in emergency whistle
  • Travel-safe
  • Made from Biobased plastic
  • Made in Sweden

Additional info


  • 94x26x17 mm


  • 58 g


  • Magnesium alloy
  • Stainless Steel

Made in Sweden 


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