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If it’s made or designed in the nordic region you can almost always guarantee that it’s a high-quality product – they are especially good at making tools for the outdoors. The Nordic Pocket Saw is no exception. It’s essentially a carbon steel chain that has double cutter teeth on each major link, allowing the chain to cut in either direction.

Simply wrap the chain around a log and pull back and forth on the nylon handles. This action will allow you to cut through tough (and surprisingly large) logs with ease. It’s unbelievably efficient.

The Nordic Pocket Saw weights only 132 grams and packs down to a small case that can be strapped to your belt or in your backpack. Recommended.


  • Uniquely designed carbon steel chain with opposing cutter teeth
  • Lightweight but super solid construction
  • Fit for purpose nylon handles that won’t let you down
  • Comes with handy storage case that can fasten to your belt

Additional info


132 grams

Chain length:

65 cm

Case dimensions:

11.9 x 10.7 x 3.0 cm


Carbon steel and nylon

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Craig (Melbourne, AU)
Nordic saw powers on

This saw really works, much better than other belt saws I’ve used and faster and easier than hand held saws. The tooth design is great. Been using it for 3-8inch diameter eucalyptus lengths
Works a treat on green hardwood. Dry is harder but still cuts and a lot easier than any other saw by hand.

Aimee (Hobart, AU)
Love it

This is easier than we anticipated to use! Absolutely love it and so happy with this purchase. Thanks !

Robert Hart (Perth, AU)
Using the pocket saw.

I purchased the pocket saw after making my own using a retired chainsaw chain which only cut in one direction. I bought it for limbing high overhead tree branches from groundlevel.

I found it difficult to turn it the right way up when leadlining into high branches. Once upright it worked well and quickly. I have discovered since that an arborist's version of the saw is available. That has cutting teeth on both sides of the chain so it does not matter which way up it turns when being led up into a high canopy.

For firewooding overnight camps on hiking expeditions, the standard saw that I have would be very worthwhile with more convenience and less weight penalty than carting a tommyaxe around.

It is also convenient and safer for trimming off small branches from larger fallen pieces when cleaning up if a power saw is not available. I found it was less wearing on the backbone than a regular small power saw when trimming.

Handsawing of course is slower but safer in trash where the kickback risk from a chainsaw in a branch tangle is very real.

Absolutely no regrets.

Patricia Hewett (Sydney, AU)
Nordic Pocket Saw

Great little saw. Great seller, great service

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