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We strongly recommend that you use a Fire-resistant mat with any Winnerwell (or any other make) stove in your tent or shelter.

This Winnerwell Fire-resistant mat measures 78 cm x 96cm and is made from fiberglass and silicon. This mat can withstand temperatures up to 250c. Simply place your mat underneath the stove to prevent sparks or embers that may escape when opening the door from contacting the floor in your tent or shelter.

The Winnerwell® Fire-resistant Mat is made from fiberglass with heat-resistant silicone coating, which can withstand the temperature up to 250℃.

Place the mat underneath your stove to provide protection for your groundsheet from any sparks or embers that may escape the stove and fall onto the floor.

It can also be hung on the wall of a tent or a shelter behind the stove by the riveted grommets, which protects the wall(s) from the heat of the stove.

Note: Heat will still be transferred to the floor if any stray embers are not dealt with immediately.

Note: It will not protect your groundsheet if embers are left to burn on the Mat. 


  • Made from fiberglass with a silicone coating
  • Withstands temperatures up to 250℃.

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78cm x 96 cm

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