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Hultafors Wetterhall Double Bit ‘Throwing’ Axe


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Welcome to the Hultafors Wetterhall ‘Throwing’ Axe.

A double bit axe is the sort of weapon you expect to see in a bad Viking film but they were extremely popular with lumberjacks back in the day because if one axe bit  (aka blade) was blunt then there was always a backup – important when you are getting paid by the work you produce each day.

A lumberjack would have one blade sharpened and finely honed – this would be the “felling edge” and cared for – whilst the second edge would be blunted and used for rough work such as knots or working on stumps nearer to the ground. Lumberjacks also prized the balanced feel of this versatile tool.

Today these axes are mostly used by folk who enter axe-throwing competitions, collectors or general outdoors enthusiasts.

Part of the Hultafors Premium range, The Hultafors Wetterhall Throwing axe is hand-forged from high-quality Swedish steel at the Hults Bruk forge in Sweden. The head is struck at least 40 times to increase the density and durability and is hand sharpened during the finishing process. It comes with a leather sheath for protecting the blade (and you).

The Hultafors Wetterhall Double Bit ‘Throwing’ Axe is named after Bo Wetterhall, a longtime worker at the Hults Bruk, and is a quality tool, made by craftsmen. There is a full lifetime warranty on the axe head.


  • Double bit axe
  • Swedish steel head
  • Wooden handle made from American hickory, treated with linseed oil
  • Edge sharpened, polished and ready to use
  • Leather axe sheath included
  • Made in Sweden

Additional info


  • Head 1600 g
  • Total 2280 g


  • 760 mm


  • Swedish Steel
  • American Hickory
  • Leather


  • Lifetime
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