A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in a factory in the village of Östnor, Sweden where it’s been located for centuries. It is here that control over the entire production and process is carried out. Making extremely good knives is complicated and during the last 125 years, they have learned a great deal about how they can get the best possible results. Everything starts in the pressing hall. When a knife is constructed, they select the steel that best matches what the knife will be used for; carbon steel, stainless steel, or laminated steel. The steel is treated to make it harder, tougher, and increase edge resiliency. They use two different hardening furnaces: one for stainless steel and one for carbon steel. The actual hardening process is a company secret, as that’s the factor that gives their knives the steel’s unique qualities – such as sharpness, strength, and flexibility.  Here at Homecamp, it is our mission to continuously seek out excellent quality and craftsmanship. This is why Morakniv became part of our collection. 

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