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Storm Kettle – 1.6L

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Made by Irish innovators Kelly, this ‘Base Camp’ Storm Kettle is a classic. A beautifully designed product which is eco-friendly, safe and reliable, without the need to use gas, petrol or any other artificial fuel. Also known as a ‘volcano’ or ‘hurricane’ kettle, this design has long been favoured by adventurers for its no nonsense, fool proof way of efficiently boiling water even in wet and windy conditions.

The Base Camp kettle boils approximately 6 cups of water at a time. This size is ideal for car camping, picnics with the family or groups of friends enjoying the great outdoors.

Made from lightweight but super durable Stainless Steel, the kettle is essentially a double-walled chimney with the water contained in the chimney wall. Once the camp kettle is filled with water, using practically any combustable material close to hand – dry grass, twigs and paper  – simply start a very small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base and drop additional fuel (more twigs, leaves, grass, paper, etc.) down the chimney, and hey presto: boiling water within minutes to make your favourite brew.

  • Material Stainless Steal

    100% Stainless Steal

  • Height 34cm

    Kettle excluding box

  • Diameter 18.7

    At widest point at rim of base

  • Capacity 1.5L

    Enough for 5-6 cups of water

  • Weight 1.18kg

    Kettle & base on its own excluding packaging

  • Inclusions Base & Bag

    Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as standard with each kettle.

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