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Hultafors Classic Trekking Axe


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Hultafors axes have been crafted in Sweden the traditional way since 1697. All axe heads are forged from steel that is struck many times, increasing the density and therefore the durability of the axe.

Small and practical, the Classic Trekking Axe is excellent for general use in the outdoors and can tackle most jobs beautifully. It’s lightweight enough to be carried on your belt or in a backpack, making it the perfect tool for outdoor adventures.

The axe also comes with a high quality handmade leather sheath to protect the blade and an Australian lifetime warranty on the forging work.

These axes are custom sharpened by hand, right here in Victoria. If used correctly, it will last generations.


  • Materials Swedish Steel

    American Hickory wood

  • Warranty Lifetime warranty on the blade

  • Dimensions 375mm length shaft

  • Weight 500g

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