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Horizon Stove


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From the makers of the Frontier Stove comes the Horizon Stove, a lightweight portable wood-burning stove for any outdoor adventure.

This eco-stove is smoke-less once lit and uses only a handful of wood or fuel, making it a low-carbon and efficient stove. Relying on only the kindling and wood you have at hand, the Horizon frees you from wasteful gas canisters and fuel.

Sturdy enough to use with a large pot or pan, the Horizon is perfect for backyard bbq’s, picnics or camping adventures. The protective cage also stays cool while lit, meaning you can move the stove if need by, or avoid injury to little campers.

  • Weight 1.8kg

  • Dimensions 270mm x 245mm (H x W)

  • Fuel required Wood, Sticks, Kindling, Driftwood, Eco logs

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