Dianova Lapstone – Classic Long Diamond Knife Sharpener with Cordura Case


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Our favourite portable sharpeners are made by Swedish makers, Dianova who have been in the business of making diamond sharpeners for over 20 years.

This Dianova lapstone Classic Long is a Swedish-made professional-quality double-sided diamond sharpener with large diamond-covered surfaces – the sharpener has both a fine and a coarse side of 600 or 300 grit (30 or 60-micron diamonds).

The handle is made of 1.5 mm stainless spring steel and Dianova Lapstone’s proven manufacturing process has been used since 1993 to guarantee an even, hardwearing surface with an unequalled number of diamonds per square millimetre.

This version comes with a super hardwearing sheath is made from durable black Cordura so it holds up well and provides great protection to the stones.

Length: 170 mm, Width: 20 mm, Thickness: 3 mm, Diamond surfaces: 75 * 19 mm – monocrystalline diamonds of the highest quality rating


  • Lightweight double-sided diamond knife sharpener
  • The perfect tool for sharpening hatchets, knives, garden shears or any other blade
  • Long handle for comfort
  • Fine and a coarse side of 600 or 300 grit (30 or 60-micron diamonds)

Additional info


  • 150 g


  • 170 × 20 × 3 mm


  • Diamond-covered stainless steel


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