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Wolf and Grizzly have come up with the goods with this product. The Wolf and Grizzly Fire Set is a Ferrocerium Rod (the same fire lighting material found in a big lighter) and a steel strike. Starting a fire with this set up is fun and a great alternative to a lighter and matches (as they say, forget wet matches and leave empty lighters behind!).  This is the sort of product that should be in all camping kits as will serve you well in an emergency, even work at below zero temperatures.

The Fire Set’s steel striker generates 3000c hot sparks which with the right tinder will get your fire going with ease. Wolf and Grizzly have thoughtfully embedded super dry Jute within the paracord tie that comes with the fire set – this material acts as an emergency tinder so you can get a fire started in any circumstances.


  • High carbon Steel striker and large Ferrocerium Rod tied together with 550 paracord
  • Striker and Ferro rod stack together
  • Engineered to last 20,000 strikes
  • Consistently generates 3000c hot sparks
  • Jute is embedded inside the paracord tie – great tinder in an emergency
  • Fire Set’s striker is made of knife steel

Additional info


  • 64 g or 2.23 oz


  • 11.5mm x 11mm x 100mm


  • Knife-Steel, Ferrocerium Rod, Nylon, Jute


  • 1 year limited

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