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One of the many joys of camping is cooking on an open fire and then kicking back with your favourite beverage for some stargazing.

Most campers will agree that if you are car camping, then cast iron is the way to go. Cast Iron is the iconic camping cookware material for good reason: it’s incredibly hardwearing, taking almost any punishment you can give it and loved by chefs because it distributes heat evenly and holds heat for a long time. It’s the perfect cookware for the extremes of campfire cooking but just as useful for home cooking. Because of its versatility, a Dutch Oven could be the only camping cookware you will ever need: a roast, slow-cooked braise or freshly baked sour-dough bread made with a cast iron dutch oven is a camping wonder. You can use the lid as a frying pan.

The Barebones Dutch Oven has a ‘bail’ wire handle – like a bucket handle – and a clever lid designed so that it can be positioned for easy venting. The lid also has a raised edge so that hot coals can be placed on top of the oven for all-round cooking. The Barebones Dutch Oven sits on sturdy wide legs so it is elevated above the coals, and with coals on top and below you have an oven that radiates heat evenly – perfect for all types of baking, braising and roasting.

The secret of cooking with cast iron is keeping it well ‘seasoned’ which is the simple process of adding a natural non-stick layer to the pan. This is made by coating the pan with a small amount of oil – 100% vegetable oil applied by a non-aerosol sprayer – and then getting it red hot (above 350c) either in your home oven or directly in the hottest part of your campfire. Barebones Cast Iron comes pre-seasoned and ready for use.


  • Good all-purpose size for couples or small groups
  • Made from extremely tough and super smooth high quality cast iron
  • Bail wire handles for easy carrying
  • The lid has a clever venting system
  • The lid will fit the corresponding skillet
  • Heating guide on the flip side of the lid
  • Stable, sturdy and wide feet
  • Stacks easily with extra-wide base
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Pre-seasoned and ready to cook with
  • Barebones limited lifetime warranty


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  • 6.4kg


  • 3.8 Litres


  • 36.0cm x 31.8cm x 41.1cm


  • Cast Iron


  • Barebones limited lifetime warranty
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