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Save $270 with our special Homecamp Tipi Tent and Winnerwell Stove bundle, which has everything you need to create a safe ‘hot-tent’ experience.

This is the only Tipi available in Australia that is designed to work exclusively with Winnerwell Stoves and accessories.

Why Hot-Tent?
Using a wood-burning stove within your tent setup is a game-changer, creating a cosy vibe for camping all year round. Hot-tenting is a way to camp that combines the warmth and comfort of a heated shelter with the adventure of being out in the wilderness. Unlike traditional winter camping, where you often find yourself huddling in a freezing tent, hot tenting involves setting up a canvas tent with a wood-burning stove inside, allowing you to stay warm and cosy even in the coldest temperatures.

This bundle comes with everything you need to Hot Tent including a medium sized Winnerwell Nomad View Stove and all the relevant flue pipes and other essential items to camp safely.

What’s included in the bundle?

1 x Homecamp Tipi Tent (choice of Homecamp Green or Sand)
1 x Winnerwell Nomad View Stove (Med)– inc. 4 x pipe section, 1 x spark arrestor
1 x Winnerwell Flashing Kit (Med)
1 x Winnerwell Triple Walled Heat Protector Chimney 2.5″
1 x Winnerwell Med Fireproof Mat
1 x Winnerwell Stove Carry Bag (Med)
1 x Winnerwell Pipe Brush
1 x Winnerwell Rainproof Plate for Flashing Kit
1 x Winnerwell Heat-resistant Gloves
1 x Winnerwell Scrubbing Sponge


Whilst in our opinion this system is perfectly adequate there are risks involved with Hot Tenting that should be taken very seriously. We recommend camping with no more than two people in a Tipi to ensure adqequite room for movement around the stove.

  • Please check out our blog post here and further reading here regarding advice on hot-tenting.



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