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Using a wood-burning stove within your tipi setup is a game-changer, creating a cosy vibe for camping all year round – please check out our blog post here. Save over $120 with our special bundle which has everything you need for a safe Hot Tent set-up, including:

1 x Homecamp 3.5 Tipi Tent (available in either Deep Forest or Sand canvas – please specify your choice of colour option within notes at checkout)

1 x Winnerwell Nomad View Stove – Small – inc. 4 x pipe section, 1 x spark arrestor

1 x Winnerwell Flashing Kit

1 x Winnerwell Triple Wall Pipe Section Medium 2.5″

1 x Winnerwell Small Fireproof Mat

1 x Winnerwell Stove Carry Bag-Small

1 x Winnerwell Pipe Brush

1 x Winnerwell Rainproof Plate for Flashing Kit

1 x Winnerwell Heat-resistant Gloves

1 x Winnerwell Scrubbing Sponge

Please note: If you plan to ‘hot tent’ i.e. use a wood fire stove within your tent, then please take some time to research the risks and be aware that you will also need to install a Flashing Kit which is included with the bundle. The Flashing Kit allows you to choose the exit point of your stove chimney but does require you to install yourself.

If you have any questions, ask us and we will do our best to assist – email [email protected]

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