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Have you read our handy guide to buying a bell tent?

*5m Classic Bell Tents have now sold out – the next batch will arrive mid-November. Contact us to arrange a pre-order [Why pre-order? ]

Which tent should I choose? Read here for some advice.

Using a wood-burning stove within your tent setup is a game-changer, creating a cosy vibe for camping all year round – please check out our blog post here and further reading here. Save  $270 with our special bundle which has everything you need for a safe Hot Tent set-up, including:

1 x Homecamp Classic 5m Tent

1 x Winnerwell Woodlander plus External Air- Large (includes pipe sections, spark arrestor, grate)

1 x Fireproof Mat-Large

1 x Winnerwell Pipe Brush

1 x Winnerwell Triple Walled Protector Chimney 3.5″

1 x Winnerwell Stove carry bag-Large

1 x Winnerwell Flashing Kit-Large

1 x Winnerwell Rainproof Plate for Flashing Kit

1 x Winnerwell Heat-resistant Gloves

1 x Winnerwell scrubbing sponge

Please note: If you plan to ‘hot tent’ i.e. use a wood fire stove within your tent, then please take some time to research the risks.


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Please note: Stove in first image is the Nomad View not the Woodlander.  Awaiting new images. 

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