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Silky Saws

Silky Gomboy Curved Folding Saw – Yellow


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Silky have been in the business of making blades and saws for over 100 years and still manufacture in the Ono region of Japan using extremely high-quality Japanese steel. Silky have perfected their craft, utilising proprietary laser-cutting technology and impulse hardening their blades for exceptional performance and a long service life.

Sitting squarely between the smaller Pocketboy and larger Bigboy folding saw ranges, The Gomboy is Silky’s best selling folding saw and it’s the ideal sized saw for camping, hiking (fits easily into a rucksack), carpentry, bushcraft, hunting, arbory or jobs around the garden.

The Gomboy Curved Folding Saw is a multi-purpose saw with a coarse cutting action that gets the job done quickly. The smaller sized Gomboy Curve saws (210mm & 240mm) comes packed in a handy, transparent, hard protective plastic case and the larger sizes have a sheath available as an accessory. The Gomboy Curved Folding Saw has a lively yellow / orange colour handle that makes it easy to spot the tool around camp.

Available in 4 different blade sizes – 210mm, 240mm, 270mm, 300mm




  • Excellently engineered in Japan using Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
  • Saw folds snugly and securely into a fit for purpose ‘no-slip’ rubber handle
  • Comes packed in a handy, transparent, hard protective plastic case.
  • Special Silky steel with applied coating to help prevent rust and sap corrosion
  • Teeth are impulse hardened and hard chrome plated (making them extra tough)
  • Saw had two cutting positions and curved blade
  • Coarse cutting action
  • Yellow/orange coloured handle for easy spotting when put down
  • Perfect tool for camping, hiking, hunting and pruning

Additional info

Dimensions – 210mm curved

  • Blade length: 210mm
  • Teeth per 30mm
  • Weight: 235g

Dimensions – 240mm curved

  • Blade length: 240mm
  • Teeth per 30mm
  • Weight: 265g

Dimensions – 270mm curved

  • Blade length: 270mm
  • Teeth per 30mm
  • Weight: 300g

Dimensions – 300mm curved

  • Blade length: 300mm
  • Teeth per 30mm
  • Weight: 325g
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