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The Nanopresso is one of those rare products that deserves the hype. It does what it is suppose to do – deliver an awesome coffee experience – with the minimum of fuss.

The Nanopresso is a pocket sized machine that uses a patented system to pump hot water at high pressure (18 bars, 250 psi) through your coffee grind, producing a cup of coffee easily comparable to what you would be served in your local cafe. The Nanopresso is extremely efficient, extracting the maximum amount of flavour and caffeine for the least amount of raw materials (coffee), labour (a couple of easy pumps) and energy (no batteries or external power required). Each component of this machine has been well designed to make the job as quick and easy as possible – it has built-in cup where you add your grind, a chamber for water and comes with a coffee scoop that can tamper your grind.

The machine comes in a durable but lightweight case that’s moulded perfectly to house the device.

This is an excellent gift for coffee lover who travels, camps, hikes or even as a replacement for the oversized espresso machine taking up space at home – it’s that good.


Check out the Nanopresso Barista Kit which is a set of accessories packed in a small container, expanding the Nanopresso capabilities to give you the possibility to make a double espresso (16 grams of ground coffee) using up to 120ml.

For those of you who use Nespresso capsules, there is a Nanopresso NS adaptor that will allow the use of capsules and other compatibles.


  • Massive power – pumps hot water at 18bar of pressure
  • Great flavour – extracts the maximum flavour and caffeine from your grind to make cafe style coffee on-the-go
  • Human powered – no wasteful batteries or external power required
  • Easy, quick and efficient – takes seconds to set up and pump
  • Lightweight and small – at 15cm long its perfect for camping, hiking, cycling or travel




Additional info


  • 156 x 71 x 62mm


  • 336 g

Water capacity:

  • 80 ml

Ground capacity:

8 grams

Package includes:

Nanopresso, built-in espresso
cup, filter basket, scoop, brush,
pouch, warranty card, stickers.

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