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Growlerwerks Ukeg 64 – Matte Black


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The Growlerswerks Ukeg 64 is the best gift we could find for folk who love craft beer…

The Ukeg will impress die hard hop-heads with it’s ability to store beer, keeping it fresh and carbonated for up to two weeks. It’s is essentially a super durable mini keg, featuring a VPR Cap which allows you to regulates pressure (from zero to 15 psi) to optimally carbonate your beer.

The keg is made from a double-wall vacuum insulated, food grade stainless steel with a tasteful black matte powder coating finish. The Ukeg will keep beer ice cold for 8 hours and cool for much longer. It comes with a CO2 regulator cap, customisable tap handle, pressure gauge and old school brass carry handle.

The Growlerswerks Ukeg is a wonderfully constructed piece of kit that is sure to impress mates on an outdoor trip or a backyard beer drinking adventure.


  • Double walled food grade stainless steel
  • VPR cap for regulating pressure
  • CO2 regulator cap
  • Customisable tap handle
  • Pressure gauge
  • Old school brass carry handle
  • Black matte powder coated finish

Additional info

Food grade stainless steel with copper plating
Brass handle, tap and gauge

17.2cm W x 26.9 H

1.9 litre

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