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Feuerhand Storm Lantern – White


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This classic storm lantern has been made in Germany for over 100 years and is a heritage icon.

The lantern is made from a heavy duty zinc plated metal which gives a super-durable finish that protects against corrosion. This is a far-superior product to the cheaper copies available elsewhere and comes with heat-resistant Suprax globes, so they will not crack when heated and rapidly cooled.

Fuelled with paraffin or lamp oil and holding enough fuel for up to 20 hours of light, these lanterns will not let you down in an emergency and will continue to provide a romantic vibe for your campsite or backgarden for years to come.

Available in classic zinc-silver or powder-coated colour finishes.


  • Highest quality, Made in Germany
  • Long-lasting 1/2″ Flat Wick – 10oz Capacity
  • Burn Time: 20 hours
  • Bright and economical, great for indoor/outdoor emergency lighting, patios, camping, off-grid adventures

Additional info

Heavy-duty zinc plated metal, heat-resistant Suprax globes

25.5cm x 15.5cm

Made in Germany

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