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Anevay Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove for Bell Tents, Tipis & Cabins


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The Frontier Plus is a next generation, portable woodburning stove?made by British manufacturer Anevay.

This unique tent stove is the big brother to the classic Frontier stove that was originally developed for disaster relief and has since achieved a cult-like status by campers in the know.

The Frontier Plus is designed to heat your Bell Tent, Tipi, Yurt, cabin, boat or just about any shelter that requires heating. It can be used outside as a stand-alone stove and is useful in situations where an open fire is restricted or needs to be contained (e.g. wood fire heater for a backyard gathering). This is especially important for those of us who want to leave no trace when camping.

The stove’s top plate is perfect for cooking up a meal, with plenty of room for at least a couple of pots or pans.

The Frontier Plus has a clever design that means it is very straight forward to set-up and pack down: sturdy legs which fold away, and the flue can be easily dismantled and stored within the fire box itself. Set-up and pack down should take a matter of minutes. The stove can burn any solid fuel. We recommend well-seasoned, non-treated dry wood, which is the most efficient fuel for the Frontier Plus and many times more efficient than an open fire.

Best suited to car/base camping, the Frontier Plus tent stove weighs only 18kg and comes in a fit for purpose bag

All you need to install this Anevay Stove is either a Frontier Stove Tent Flashing Kit, or the Frontier Stove Cabin Flashing Kit.



If you are planing on using this stove in a Bell Tent (or any tent/tipi) then the tent will need to be correctly fire proofed. For this reason we recommend a Homecamp Bell Tent – our tents are fire resistant to the highest standards in the world (CPAI-84 standards for flame-resistant materials used for tents). Please ensure that your tent is tested to this standard before considering using a stove in your tent or tipi.


  • Glass window on the door, with airwash system to keep the glass clean
  • Secondary air intake to allow for complete control over draw and heat output
  • Adjustable legs so you can adjust the stovetop to your desired height
  • 4-inch flue, for optimum draw and ease of use

What’s is in the box?

  • 1 x Frontier Plus stove with folding legs
  • 5 x Flue Sections
  • 1 x Spark Arrestor (All five flue sections and spark arrestor fit into the stove body)
  • 1 x Instructions booklet


Additional info


60cm x 37cm x 37cm (packed)

Total height
278cm (legs fully extended)
270cm (legs shortened)

47cm L x 28cm W x 24cm H

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